Collateral and Cash Deposit/Transfer

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Bill Payment

Bill Payment Service

Clients are able to use Bill Payment services provided by banks and clients will be responsible for transfer fee charged by the banks (if any).  Once the transaction is completed, client should send the proof of transfer to Settlement Division, Operations Department via email:

Reference No. 1, specify your ID number (13 digits)
Reference No. 2,  specify your trading account number (8 digits)
Bank Comp Code Service
ATM Internet Banking Application Bank Counter
ไทยพาณิชย์ (SCB) 101-3-02041-9 Download Form
กสิกรไทย (KBANK) 33805
กรุงเทพ (BBL) 55516
ธนชาต (TBANK) 3314  
ยูโอบี (UOB) 3190  
ทหารไทย (TMB) 2596
แลนด์ แอนด์ เฮ้าส์ (LH) 2046