Collateral and Cash Deposit/Transfer

Kingsford Securities PCL

Cash Online

Automatic Deposit Service for cash settlement or for collateral

  • Real time fund transfer to equity / derivatives trading account 
  • Quick and convenient with password and OTP
  • Time saving (deposit / confirmation slip not required)
*For derivatives trading account via SETTrade Streaming, cash online service is available, however, the fund transfer will not be updated real time.

How to apply

Bank Online Application Apply via ATM machine Offline application
ไทยพาณิชย์ (SCB)**
กสิกรไทย (KBANK)    
กรุงเทพ (BBL)    

*Fill in the form and attach copy of ID card and copy of the first page of your bank book that you would like to link with Cash Online service. Please certify true copy all the copies of document and submit to your IC.

**Clients using ATS service of SCB are able to use Cash Online service automatically.  However, if clients would like to use Cash Online services via KBANK and BBL

7 Simple Steps

Prior to using the Cash Online service, the bank will verify your document and once completed, the bank will then send email to inform clients that the service is ready to use.
  • Step 1. Log in at with client’s user name and password
  • Step 2. Click “client information (no.1) and select “cash online”"
  • Step 3. Select the service. In case of cash deposit before trading, please select “collateral”
  • Step 4. Select your bank (which is linked to the cash online service) and specify the amount in each trading account that you would like to deposit to then click “Next"
  • Step 5. Verify the transaction by OTP that has been sent to your mobile phone via SMS
  • Step 6 The system will send you a message that the transaction is completed  and also email will be sent to you to confirm.